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Is there an ideal alternative to all paper women’s fashion&style magazines in our ever-changing digital world? Definitely so. This app is a gateway to Allwomenstalk.com, a prestigious repository of numberless online articles and useful tips on every single thrilling topic that ever gets into a tender women’s heart. With over 200 contributors continuously bringing you new insights, you will always stay in the loop about such popular trends as love, beauty, dieting, movies, lifestyle and much more.


Allwomen is an interactive collection of informative and entertaining resources fitting to every age and every taste. The app brags about a wide range of renewable content grouped into topical categories and blogs. It already has over two million downloads from more than 100 countries around the globe. As of now, the app gives access to 50,000 articles containing useful everyday tips, yummy recipes, and yoga exercises, to name just a few. An eye-pleasing design dovetailed with easy-to-navigate intuitive interface just adds to the overall value of the app.