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Learning foreign languages on your mobile device has never been so easy and fun! This popular and user-friendly app enables you to study Swedish from the ground up. Memorize lots of new words useful for everyday communication, read and listen to the enticing texts of any difficulty level recorded just for you by native-speaking teachers and watch interactive video clips. This app can really help improve your grammar and speaking competence and greatly enrich your Swedish vocabulary.


SVAAPP is a digital teaching platform that allows beginners to master Swedish in the most efficient and cost-effective way. The app gives robust access to vast interactive resources delivered to end-users in the form of five modules, including Films, Stories, Word Exercises and two custom modules for content added by a teacher and student. All the relevant content is manageable to be effortlessly controlled and shared by app users. School administration are provided with additional rights to track students’ data, create classes and set up a training schedule.