Gaming / AR / VR

3d Modeling

Soft Maya / Substance Painter / ZBrush / Photoshop
Orientation Highpoly / Lowpoly modeling / Texturing / Animation


We are a company providing a wide range of services in the computer design and gaming industries.
We create content for computer and mobile games and applications. Our team has experience in creating content for AR and VR applications.
The use of modern technology in combination with experience allows you to create high-level content that will meet customer expectations and quality standards.

Augmented Reality

Our company creates 3D models for the customer personally as well as for the models that are sold on the trading floors. Low Poly and Hi Poly models are created. We are not limited in the choice of style and are ready to listen to the wishes of the customer.

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3D Assets

We have experience in creating models that are used in AR applications. We create PBR textures for maximum realism of the model. Models are fully suitable for use in popular engines.

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